A New Start

My first blog post, this is always a bit awkward…. I’m Victoria, I’m a 24 year old British jack-of-all-traits and I live in Oxfordshire.

Actually, this is not my first roadeo. I have written a few blogs over the years, some dating back to 2012 but they never stuck. In 2016 I decided to start up a blog again over on a different site, however I feel as though I have outgrown it. I have tried desperately to edit my old blog but the themes and layouts offered are dated and honestly infuriating. SO! I made the difficult decision to abandon ship and swim to shore! So, here I am! Making a new start and hoping I can create the space I aspire to have on the internet. (the photos above are from my old blog).

To address the first paragraph – I call myself a jack-of-all-traits as I always go through phases with new hobbies. I love baking and cooking, jewellery making, painting and drawing, photography, swimming, makeup… I could go on and on and on. Do not worry your cotton socks though, I wont be writing novels about all that! This blog will be a continuation of my old blog where I wrote about cruelty free beauty and lifestyle.

Now the bandied is off! Thanks for reading.


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