Hello there! I hope you are well! This post is about some lovely bits that have happened over the last couple of days. I won’t be posting this until a week Friday so cast your minds back to 17th June 2020.

I’ve been spoilt over the last couple of days and it’s not even my birthday! I’ve had some bad news over the last two weeks (not something I plan on getting into on this post) and so my loved ones have really gone to town cheering me up.

On Monday I got a delivery from Moon Pig (this isn’t an ad or anything like that, I’m not important enough to bag that kind of shindig). I was so confused that someone had sent me flowers! I never get flowers unless its my birthday so these were such a lovely surprise! They didn’t come with a name or any details so after asking my boyfriend if they were from him (which they weren’t) I wracked my brain to who my secret admire could be!

Turns out they’re from my lovely sister! and today a box of chocolates came through the post from her too! I find boxes of chocolate so luxurious, they’re like hidden chests with edible treasure inside! You may have noticed some gabs in the tray.. it would have been rude to not to dig in….

Yesterday I went to the most gorgeous garden centre with my friend Lily (who I mentioned before in a past post). I got some lovely things and I’d love to show you them! So I’m planning a post soon to show you!

Thanks for reading! Whats your favourite kind of surprise?


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