e.l.f’s Best Sellers | Cruelty Free

Hey there! I hope you are all well. I have taken this post from my old blog, I know.. its cheeky and maybe a little lazy but I love this post and I put so much work into it. I’ve also made some tweaks so its not essentially copying…

e.l.f Matte Lip Colour | Tea Rose (left) | Wine (right)

I’m not 100% sure on these, the colours are beautiful, the pigment is amazing and they go on like butter! However they smudge easily and don’t last long if your eating or drinking. A part of them that I LOVE is that they have a built-in sharpener hidden at the bottom! Genius! Why don’t all lip pencils / lip colour sticks have this?! It is very practical and because it just slots into the bottom you wont have a grubby sharpener floating around your makeup bag making everything mucky! I can tell you for a fact now that I have not picked these up since reviewing them and should either make use of them or pass them to someone else who’d want them. There are much better cruelty free lip colour sticks on the market, so I wouldn’t recommend buying these.

Okay so, I am on board with this eye shallow palette. They blend well, you can build up the colour and you can make it as smokey for subtle as you like. Now, you’re probably looking at that photo of my arm and looking at the number two thinking ”There is nothing there”, I can promise you I did a sample test! Its basically my skin tone and the shadows aren’t very pigmented (however very easy to build up as stated before). If I’m honest it would make a great all over powder. I would buy this again, unless I found a cruelty free shadow palette just like this one with more pigmented colour.

Here we have e.l.f’s Prep & Glow stick (get it?), e.l.f’s 16hr Camo Concealer and e.l.f’s Flawless Finish Foundation. First things first e.l.f’s Prep & Glow. This was a free gift that came with my order. I love the packaging and you get so much product but its not very useful for anything. When you apply it is cold and wet which is just unpleasant. Once you rub it in it just leaves fine little pieces of glitter which is very pretty but does nothing to highlight or give a glow. I would have been very disappointed had I bought this.
Next is e.l.f’s 16hr Camo Concealer, again I love the packaging, it is very smart and sleek and looks as though it cost more than what it does. I did make a mistake and bought a shade too light for my face, however I have been using it to contour on my nose and check bones and I love it! It blends well and gives a medium to thick coverage which lasts.
And finally e.l.f’s Flawless Finish Foundation, and again I love the packaging and how it looks like a higher brand of makeup . The frosted glass reminds me of the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. I also surprisingly love this foundation and can not fault it like the other products. Its a light to medium coverage which can be built up, the pigment and shade (Snow) is perfect for my skin tone. It also blends well. I actually like this foundation better than other foundation I have tried and will buy this one again.

So to be different I’ve left the worst to last. This was another free gift with my order and at first I was really excited to try it! It looks gorgeous in the packaging, however it does not blend and makes me look like a character from a panto with rosy cheeks! This was a very disappointing blush, I’d be really upset if I bought this.

So, in conclusion I am not a fan of e.l.f and won’t be buying anything new from them other than their foundation, concealer and eye shadow palette. I’m really disappointed I didn’t like more of their products as I really wanted to like them and I didn’t want to write a negative review. Maybe in the future (way into the future) I’ll give them another go.

Thanks for reading! Got any e.l.f products that you love and think they might change my mind? Let me know below.


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