The Body Shop Hemp Hand creme

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and been having lovely weeks. I took to Twitter and Instagram a few weeks back to see which you’d rather I blog about first (The Body Shop Hemp Creme or The Body Shop Animal Bath bombs) and the response was very mixed! Twitter wanted bath bombs and insta wanted hemp creme. However insta won with one extra vote on the hemp creme. So here we are!

I picked this up while having a little mooch around town after reading about some of its benefits. Not only does it benefit our skin but also the rest of the plant left over from making this product are used by the farmers. One of the ways they use it is by creating building material out of it! How substantially fantastic is that!

Now to get down to the product itself. First off, I just wanted to tell you that it is 100% vegetarian, however I don’t recommend eating it… I was very surprised by the thickness of this creme, its like butter that just melts into your hands as you rub it in. Also a little goes a long way! I’d say you need about a small pea size of product. I don’t really know what I was expecting of the smell, but to me it smells like a really fancy product they would use at a spa, something really sophisticated and earthy.

My hands feel oh so lovely after applying and I’ve noticed that my hands feel silky soft hours after applying! I’ve also noticed that my nails look so much healthier and shiny after only a few days of using it.

If you suffer with very dry hands (hemp is good for any skin types but it benefits dry and oily skin very well) or it just sounds like your cup of tea than I highly recommend it!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have the best day! 🙂



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