It’s All Happening

That is probably one of my favourite quotes from Almost Famous. It means that your dream is coming true whether that is one foot over the starting line or one step before the finishing line, each step is essential.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about movies and quotes. I’m here to updated you on whats been happening (get it?) as I’m very aware I haven’t blogged in a little while… sorry about that, I’ve been rather busy!

Recently I moved back into my dad’s house. I made this decisions as I have been made redundant from my job and with the current affairs with a lot of others being made redundant it is very difficult to find a new job. I became aware that I need to look after my money and make it stretch as much as it can, hence moving back into my dad’s house where rent is cheap! It may seem like a minor set back but I’ve been so much happier being with my family and our two cats!

Speaking of jobs, I actually have a new one! I’ve only done a few shifts but I am really enjoying it, apart from the aching feet! I am so happy to announce that I am now working in the beauty industry! However, I’m not sure if I am allowed to say the company name here as I write about beauty products and it could cause some conflict or seen as being biased. I am loving it though and I am so surprised at how well I am doing at it.

Which moves me onto The Body Shop At Home. Sadly I have decided to resign from being a consultant. As I said above I feel like there would be a conflict between my new job and the Body Shop as they’re both beauty related. I am disappointed that I wont be continuing as a consultant as I’ve really enjoyed making my little group and building relationships with other consultants, it has been a pleasure getting to know them and having them take me under their wing. The hard truth is that my new job pays me more and I would rather spend my time and effort here on my blog rather my Body Shop group sadly.

Another step is that in October I will be starting my level 3 counselling skills course! I am so excited to start it and continue my practice. While I was doing my level 2 I had a very strong sense of belonging and that I was in the right place doing what I was supposed to be doing, which I have never felt in my life before. I can’t wait to get back into the class room and feel like that again.

Thank you if you have ever ordered anything from me (Body Shop wise or from my Etsy) or if you have donated to my course while I was out of work. You have helped me to have hope, keep afloat and help build a better future for myself. Also, thank you if you’ve kept around to read this whole post, I know its a bit of a long waffle! All my love to you!


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