September Favourites 2020

September is almost over and its officially Autumn! I can’t really believe how quickly this month has gone, before we know it it will be Christmas and then a new year! Lets hope 2021 is better than 2020!

I know there are still a few days left of September but I thought Id tell you about my favourites now… otherwise I’ll write about them too late that they might as well be the next months favourites. Also, just a quick warning, I say Autumn a lot in this post… bet you can’t guess what my favourite season is.

There is a bit of a mix of things here and the reason they’re my favourites is because of the way they have made me feel.
First of I have my ring that I bought last year from Pandora. I bought it in the sale as a well done for getting a new job and wore it mostly every day. I’ve been reaching for it every day recently, it fits nicely on my right hand ring finger and makes me feel secure having it on, its nice to play with when I get anxious. It also just looks really pretty on and just adds a little shine to your hand/outfit.

Secondly, keeping with the hand theme I’ve got these nail polishes from MyGel. These are LED/ UV Lamp cured manicure / pedicure nail polishes. I’m loving them because I enjoying painting my nails, not to mention its loads cheaper than going to the salon! Having my nails painted make me feel a little like I have my life together…I hope its not just me who feels that way… The red matches my excitement for Autumn and Christmas and the light pink topped with the pink glitter just looks so pretty! I’m hoping to add to my collection soon with some darker reds, oranges and glitter!!

This Ghost fragrance is probably one of my favourite perfumes I have ever owned. I got it in a sale for £5..I could barley believe it myself! Its called Eclipse and is advertised as a summer perfume, however I think its more of an Autumn fragrance. To me it is a very warming, sweet and fresh perfume, it is a mix of floral and fruity scents. I can imagine wearing this on a crisp Autumn day with warm sunbeams shining down. Also, lets not forget its gorgeous bottle!

I only just got this wash-bag last weekend and it was love at first sight. It was in a sale at Animal so another great bargain! The material is very soft and it is a great medium sized wash-bag. It is currently home to my “everyday” makeup.

Lastly, I have these… like I previously motioned I really love autumn and love things such as acorns. I’ve collected these from different places and times. The acorns were collected from a park called St Nicolas’s Park, a place that me and my boyfriend really love to go. I collected them when we took his mum and nan there, it only seemed right to show them one of our favourite places. The pinecones have come from two places. Some I picked up when I went on a walk with my best friend Lily in the Cotswolds and the others came from St Nicolas’s. The conkers were collected just this weekend gone when me and my boyfriend walk past a park in Leamington Spa, he helped me collect some. I know these memories don’t seem that special but I got them with some of my favourite people and remind me of times when I was really truly happy. Also, they just look lovely in this little glass bowl.

Thanks for reading!


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