Twycross Zoo

Hello there, how are you? Me? not so great I’m afraid. Things have been a little hard for me mentally and today was incredibly tough. I think that the weather is making my mental health play up, the darker and colder evenings just aren’t agreeing with my mind, however I am enjoying the fact I can wear jumpers and scarfs again.

Anyway, last weekend me and my boyfriend went to Twycross zoo and we had the best time! I loved every moment of it, the weather was a little chilly but sunny and because of Covid they restricted the number of people into the zoo. I hate crowed places so getting to roam around more freely was lovely.

I took many photos which I wanted to show you below. Twycross Zoo have something for everyone and have a brilliant hub entrance where they have a Costa, big gift shop and a soft-play for children.

I have to say that this last photo is my favourite, he is very much a cheeky monkey!! I think my favourite animals though were the orangutans as they were so playful with each other and the baby ones kept doing rolly pollies. Also, the butterflies were just gorgeous and I was in ore watching them fly around me.

I have to say that even though I love zoos I have been a little spectacle of them. However, Tycross zoo have a lot of endangered animals and have given them a home where they are safe, fed, cleaned and have medication, and doctors when they are sick. It has been one of my favourite zoos to visit and I can’t wait to go back. What’s your favourite zoo?

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and hope that you have a lovely week.


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