Weekly Roundup October 2020 #1

Hello there, how’re you? I hope your having a great week and getting all cozy for autumn. I haven’t been feeling very great this week, I think the weather is taking a toll on my mind, however I have had some lovely days where I have felt happy and at this current moment of writing I am feeling good. I’ve also noticed how much I have been enjoying makeup and fashion recently, I really want to go to Primark and get some cute socks and blanket scarfs.

I have just finished my first zoom class studying level 3 counselling and loved it! It was nice to see everyone again and I’m looking forward to getting work done… though it is nagging at the back of my mind that it is ALOT of work. We already have two pieces of work to hand in for next week!

Anyway lets move on to the actual reason I’m writing this blog post. Last week I started a photo challenge on my Instagram. I made a little.. 30 day list of things to post every day of October that I want to share with you.

– Your favourite mascara
– Your favourite lipstick
– Your most autumn-y product
– A product you couldn’t live without
– Your every day eye shadow look
– Your favourite foundation
– A product you recommended everyone try
– Your favourite product to use in the bath
– Your favourite product to use in the shower
– Your favourite shampoo
– Your favourite conditioner
– Your favourite hair mask
– Your favourite colour to paint your nails
– Your favourite fragrance
– Your favourite makeup remover
– Packaging that you love
– Your everyday blush
– Leaves
– a cozy otd
– Makeup brushes you use the most
– Your pet looking Halloween-y
– Your skincare products
– Boots
– Makeup autumn/ fall look
– a photo of you and boyfriend/ best friend all cozy
– a pumpkin
– Your favourite hot drink
– Your favourite beauty mask
– Candles
– A product you’re excited to try
– Your favourite photo challenge again

I haven’t given myself set days to post so that I have more flexibility and don’t feel pressured to get a certain photo taken. The ones with a line through are obviously the ones I have already done and the photos are above. I have taken some extra photos which I have added to the collection, and I’ve been loving it! I’ve been having a lot more engagement with you guys which has been great and I’ve been able to mark good days with a photo that remind me of the day. If you would like to also do this (I know a week late but who cares, you do you) then please tag me because I would love to see your photos, or even leave your insta handle below and I’ll come follow you.

Have an amazing week and I’ll see you soon!

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