Hello, 2021

Happy New Year! I hope the new year for you started with happiness, safety and love.

Its customary that the start of a new year comes with New Years Revolutions! However, I’m not really one for new years revolutions but I am one for growth and personal development. I often do my ‘revolutions’ at my birthday as for me that feels a lot more personal. Just to iron out any creases I am all for and excited for others setting revolutions if that’s what they want to do, I just don’t like setting them for myself.
My birthday was in November and I set myself some goals to reach before my next birthday. As everyone around me has been setting revolutions for the new year it has got me thinking and inspired some other goals that I’d like to add to my birthday revolutions. My newest goals all seem to tie into each other so I’ll try as best I can to explain them.

To Walk
I want to walk and I want to do it for few reasons:

Reason 1. To lose weight. I am not going to be doing this the hardcore diet and gym way and I don’t plan on weighing myself. This may sound silly or like I’m not taking it seriously to some but this is a plan for myself that suits me and my needs. I want to be able to fit into a size 16 jeans and top by the end of the year. I know sizes in shops differ, so I’m sticking with brands that I trust and that make me feel good about my body.
I’ve also been having trouble with my hip which I think could be arthritis. Yes I’m 25 but the stiffness in my hands and the family history of arthritis does make it seem possible that it’s slowly creeping in. I think that if I were to lose weight it will help my hip and possibly slow the arthritis from effecting the rest of my body.

Reason 2. To be mindful. I want walking to help my mind, I want it to relax me, to help me to be in the moment and enjoy what is around me, I want to breathe fresh air, stretch my legs and sleep better. I feel like I miss so much of what makes me happy by not walking, I love being by water, animals, trees and flowers. There is so much I love and it seems to all be accessible by walking.
I also want to explore the UK as there is so much heritage and history I have not seen yet, it would be the highlight of the goal to climb Snowdon or do a hike across the Cornish/ Devon coastline…. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d ever say that I wanted to climb a mountain or go on a hike!

I’ve never been a big fan of New Years, New Years Eve and New Years revelations. I often feel a huge loss when it comes to the end of the year and I guess I can be pretty cynical at times. This year feels different though, I feel positive and excited to tick off my goals and for the year ahead (even though we are still in a pandemic and its going to cause a lot of restrictions).

The diary and journal is in aid to help me to be mindful and organised. I love a diary! I got them both on sale at Paperchase, the ‘We Are All Human Beings’ journal was originally £6 and was on sale for just under £2! I love a bargain! I got it to use it as a daily journal to write about my day, thoughts and feelings.
The other diary is a more conventional diary where I’ll be writing my day to day chores and also my monthly goals. I hope it will help me to keep on top of things! The photos are of the start of each new month in the diary. I think they’re gorgeous and lovely to start a new month with.

Well that was a lengthy one! Thanks for sticking around if you stayed to the end! A big lot of love coming your way! What goals are you planning to achieve in 2021?



4 thoughts on “Hello, 2021

    1. Thank you for your comment Steph! I hope your goals are going well, I shall check out your blog in just a mo! Sadly I haven’t done much walking, the weather is just too wet and cold for me at the moment. However, it seems to be getting warmer and sunnier so within a week or two I’m sure I’ll be out and about! x

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