What I got for Christmas 2020

I just want to start this post by saying that this is in no way me trying to brag about what I got for Christmas. I asked on Twitter if this is something my followers would like to see which they replied yes with. I personally enjoy reading these type of posts and looking through photos so I thought I would write one. I also want to write this post because I want to show my thanks and appreciation to those that have spent time and money on getting me gifts (don’t worry I’ve already thanked everyone in person where possible… Covid…. and by phone and video chat). Another reason I wanted to write this post is because I think it gives people gift ideas, maybe you’ll see something you know one of your friends or family members would love that you could get them for their birthday’s or just as a nice surprise.
I also wanted to give a quick warning that there are photographs and talk of alcohol and food in this post.

With that out of the way, shall we get on with the show?

This little Tree Of Life necklace was from my boyfriend’s mum and I absolutely love it! She came to visit my boyfriend and I early autumn and we walked through our favourite park. I kept looking at trees and saying how much I loved them and she remembered. Its such a lovely thoughtful gift. I put it on straight away on Christmas morning.

A little grow your own Bonsai tree, also from my boyfriend’s mum. Now this one is super super special. Like I said before, she remembers how much I love trees but what I didn’t know is that she also bought one for herself so that we can grow them together! She lives really far away from us so it will be like we are connected by our little trees. I think we agreed on starting them early Spring.

These are also from my boyfriend’s mum, she got me so many lovely things! I’m currently a student and studying counselling skills. We all need a bit of mindfulness in our life so these are perfect for me. I’m looking forward to reading the meditation book as meditation is something I’ve been wanting to start.

A little crystal guardian angle again from my boyfriend’s mum, I told you she got me a lot of lovely bits. I’m excited to get this hung up and see the sunlight reflect off it.

So this is the last one from my boyfriend’s mum. Its not actually the last gift she got me, she also got me a bottle of Baylee’s, a Segway experience for me and my boyfriend, a pair of very soft purple gloves and purple thermal hat. I believe that is all of it, if you are reading Sharon and I have forgotten something I am so sorry! and thank you again for everything, you are so thoughtful… loads of hugs and kisses to you!
So these socks have been a lifesaver! They are thermal, so so fluffy and soft and have little grippies at the bottom so I don’t slip over. My feet have got so cold over winter so having these have been brilliant and have been keeping my feet nice and toasty!

A puzzle from my sister. I wanted this puzzle when we first went into lockdown. I managed to order it on Amazon and waited agggggeeeessss for it. Then it came to the day it was meant to be delivered and I got an email saying that they wont be able to deliver my order because they have ran out! I was so disappointed. However, my sister managed to find it and ordered it!! She’s brilliant! I’m so excited to start it!

A Kindle!! My dad and his girlfriend got me this and I have no idea how I have lived without it! I found that I have enjoyed reading so much more using a Kindle and I read a lot faster as my eyesight is rubbish and I’ve made the text bigger. It’s also great as it tells you how many minuets it will take to finish the chapter you are on and the percentage of how much of the book you have read. Another awesome thing about it is that its so much better for reading in bed, its so small and lightweight that no matter how you lie it feels comfortable. It also has a backlight so you don’t need to worry about having good lighting! I love it so much, I have read almost everyday since getting it on Christmas day.
I also got two Amazon gift cards. One from my dad to buy books for my Kindle, I got Mum Life by Louise Pentland and The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. I might write about these two books as they’re both very good and inspirational.
The second Amazon gift card came from (bare with me here) my dad’s girlfriend’s parents, that wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was going to be! Ha! Anyway, they’re very generous and probably the most giving and kind people I have met. I used the gift card to get a few lovely things but the reason I brought this up is because I got the Kindle case in the photo above with the voucher too. I love this case, its so lovely and keeps my Kindle safe, I imagine when I pop the Kindle into the case it is getting all snug in a sleeping bag ready for a good rest…. does anyone else imagine this or am I just a very very strange woman?

Tea! My boyfriend got me tea! He knows that I am a big lover of tea. He got me green tea with honey (normally I’ll pop in a spoonful of honey in my green tea) and camomile night time tea. I like how the camomile tea is described as soft and sleepy, just sounds so lovely!
It’s kinda funny actually as a few days before Christmas we did a food shop where I was going to pick up a box of green tea but totally forgot! I remembered Christmas eve and was a bit disappointed that I forgot it, it’s almost like he could see the future!

Another from the boyfriend, lovely cruelty free and vegan bath bombs! He actually got me 3 of them but I’ve used one right away, they make the bath water very purple and smell lovely! He knows that I love baths and I’m always going on about how I want to get bath bombs for the bath. Maybe he got me these as a hint to stop talking about them! Hehe.

Carrying on with the cruelty free and vegan goodies! My boyfriend also got me these lovely smelling shampoo and conditioner. He got these from one of our favourite local shops. They’re in rosemary and coconut, two of my favourite scents and also as my hair is curly it can become very dry which mean coconut is perfect for it! He’s so thoughtful and a great listener. HOW DID I GET THIS LUCKY?
I was so excited to try these that I actually used them Christmas morning. I love how soft, silky and shiny they make my hair! I’m defiantly going to replace them once they’ve ran out.

He also got me these super cute blue pjs with little owls on them. I really love the design of the owls and the shade of blue. I feel super cute when I am wearing them. Along with the pjs he got me this jumper that I kept banging on about every time I went into Tesco and saw it! Yes its from Tesco, you can judge me but Tesco has some very nice clothes. It’s a very comfortable relaxed jumper with such beautiful sparkles and pearls over it. It feels so special when wearing but it’s also lovely just wearing around the house and slouching around in.
The gorgeous flower pattern is a shoulder bag from my boyfriend’s nan. I was so blown away because it is very me and its reversible with a different pattern on the other side. I’ve been using it as my everyday bag since Christmas.

The last from the boyfriend, these aren’t actually the last gift he got me. He also got me some chocolate and socks with sheep on them. I’m sure I am forgetting something that he got me, so if so and he’s reading I’m really sorry I’ve forgotten! and if not then why aren’t you reading? hehe! thank you for the gifts and making Christmas so special.
These are from Hotel Chocolat which I eye up every time we pop in. They’re in salted caramel, chocolate cream liqueur and coca gin. We’ve already had the chocolate cream liqueur and both really enjoyed it. It’s a bit like Baylee’s but sweeter and nicer.

Butterfingers! My sister got these for me from my wish list as I love them! For anyone who hasn’t heard of these before they’re from America and are a peanuty toffee type bar covered in chocolate. They’re a bit like peanut brittle but a lot softer, crunchy and there isn’t any chunks of peanuts. They do tend to stick to your teeth a bit so they’re great with a cup of tea.

I got some other things for Christmas that I’m not able to photograph. I got two dvd boxsets from my step family, Friends and Gilmore girls! All I need now is the Sex and the City boxset and I’ll have all my favourites!
My bother, the sweetest guy in the whole universe got me my favourite chocolate! White Lindor Lindt! He is only 14 and so thoughtful and kind. He really is the goodest egg there is.
My sister got me a colouring book of cat butts. I found this so funny. We both love cats and everyone in my family had started colouring books apart from me, so now I can join their colouring gang.
I got some counselling books from my dad’s girlfriend that I need for my course which I’m actually really excited to get stuck into. She also got me a nail polish of very dark red which I’ve been lusting after.
My nanny cat (that’s what we call her as she used to have a lot of cats) got me some vouchers which I plan on buying my favourite perfume with. She also got me some bath smellies, I feel like this is mandatory for all nans to get you smellies for Christmas, and she also gave me one of her necklaces that I said I really liked. I was very reluctant to take the necklace but she insisted.
Lastly my auntie got me a whole bunch of bath smellies form Avon. I’m really looking forward to trying these as they’re cruelty free and I’ve never tried anything from Avon before.

And that’s the lot! Thank you if you’ve read this mammoth post! I’m actually surprised that someone stuck around to read all of my waffling! I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas of gifts for your loved ones.
I also just wanted to say another quick thank you to my family for the lovely things they have given me and time and money taken to get me gifts. I had a very special Christmas and I hope you did too.



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