Cruelty Free January Favourites

If I’m being completely honest I still feel like it is January. It is still cold and dark, and as it is lockdown it feels like ground-hog-day everyday, please Spring hurry yourself! However, it is February which is a big month for me. February holds two special birthdays and the anniversary of when me and my boyfriend decided to become a couple!

The first of my favourites this month is skincare. I don’t wear makeup anymore…as it is lockdown there isn’t anywhere to go and I don’t intend on getting dressed up to do the food shop! I have in the last year grown to become a big fan of skincare – something I never took that much interest in… I know, slap on a wrist for me! I’ve also learnt the art of pampering! I am a big fan of baths with bubbles, bath bombs, bath salts, you name it! Add in a facemask and a blow-dry and I am putty in your hands! That brings me to the first of my favourites this month.

Cruelty free clay facemasks from Superdrug. These two facemasks are the best facemasks I have ever used and so cheap in price! They’re 99p each and often are on offer at 3 for the price of 2. The Strawberry & Cream facemask has walnut shell granules in it to gentle exfoliate your face as you apply it, and smells so yummy! The Pink Clay smells I believe subtly of roses and once washed away my skin looks so clean and bright. I love using these when having a bath.

This isn’t the first time I have written about this cruelty free Body Shop Hemp hand creme and I’m sure it wont be the last. It is a very thick buttery creme and instantly hydrates my hands. My hands have been dry recently with the cold air so this has been a savour for them. I’ve also noticed that my nails look much healthier and stronger after a few times of using it. I’ve almost finished it so I will defiantly be replacing it soon.

Onto haircare by Faith In Nature. I have previously spoken about these in my post about what I got for Christmas but I love them so much that I wish to share them again. Both cruelty free, vegan, made in the UK and smell naturally lovely. They make my hair feel so soft and shiny and help to untangle my stubborn curls.
Also, I really love the packaging, it is simple but fun and effective! I am a sucker for good packaging!

Lastly for haircare and beauty is this little bottle of cruelty free and vegan Blow Dry Lotion by Number 4. I didn’t like it to start with due to it’s stickiness and strong floral scent but after using it I’ve found that I love it! The floral scent becomes more subtle when applied and I have had many compliments that my hair smells nice! It also keeps my curls soft and smooth after a nights sleep which I find other products can not do!

Outside of beauty my biggest favourite through January has to be my Kindle and it’s case. I received my Kindle for Christmas and have read it almost every night since. I have read Mum Life by Louise Pentland, Counselling for Toads by Robert de Board, and The Salt Path by Raynor Winn all in January. Currently I am reading the first book in the series of Bridgeton. I adore the program and have watched it twice now, so it only seemed fitting to read the books too!

· January hasn’t been a very memorable month but it did see the start of my little business! I make crystal bracelets that I sell on Etsy and I am so proud of my creations. It is called VA Designs and I currently have four designs on there, two for Valentines and two for February birthdays. I was inspired by a crystal bracelet I was given when I was in my early teens and did not fully appreciate its beauty and elegance. I’ve never seen anything like it since and so I thought I’d make some for myself, but it turns out a lot of people liked them too! I have a few plans for this business. I can see in my mine what the business cards will look like and what the boxes will be like, I want it all to look simple and stylish, and of course be recyclable. For now they come in little fabric pouches. It would mean the world if you took a look at my shop:
· I also applied to university! I never thought I would go back to university but I have found something (counselling) that I am truly passionate about and want to take to a higher level. It is my dream to open my own private counselling practice with a relaxing and comforting room for people to explore their feelings and life events.

Let me know what you had enjoyed throughout the month of January in the comments below, as always I look forward to reading your comments! Ta-ra!


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