February Goals

Hello there! Yes, I know we are pretty much half way through February and I’m a bit late in writing some goals, however I’m feeling a little lost in what I need to be doing this month. I thought I’d write to keep my head clear and to look back on when I’m feeling lost again. Also, sorry there isn’t many photos on this post, I always feel photos jazz up a post nicely. I do hope you like the little header I made though!

1. Find a job! This is really hard at the moment due to Covid. Many others are looking for work and it is pretty slim pickings out there. However, I need to start making an income to keep myself afloat. I’m hoping to find something that is working from home but failing that I’ll be more than happy to work in a supermarket.

2. Post more about my bracelet business. I really love the bracelets I make and have had so much great feedback about them. I’m not making many sales on them though and I think that is due to the fact I am not posting enough about them. SO I think the first step would be to make a plan of action on what kind of posts I could be writing and when. – This includes with keeping up with Instagram messages and posts. I could set aside an hour a day just for my bracelets.

3. Get my counselling study work in order. I have a folder that I keep all my work in and at the moment I haven’t been keeping up to date on printing things off and putting them in. This isn’t a hard job and it feels so satisfying when everything is all neat and in order, its just a boring job. Also, I often have things that need to be doing that are a bit more urgent.

4. Start making gift cards. I’ve been wanting to do this for a little while now and think that it would be great to add a selection of cards on my Etsy shop… if they’re any good of course! At the moment I’m thinking brown card, little wooden bees, stamped text and pressed flowers.. and of course bee puns!

5. Get all 3 blog post for Feb written. I have a few posts coming up that are only half written and the first one is going to be posted after this weekend… so I need to get my skates on! It will be a post about what I got my sister for her 30th birthday. I got her things from small business so I’m really excited to share them with you and shout out all the wonderful crafters!

6. Give the flat a good deep clean. We’re pretty good at the upkeep of the flat, but I do want to give it a good deep clean and get to all those hard to reach places that I’m too lazy to do in the normal clean….

7. I think this is the final goal of the month. It is to write a blog post for a guest post! I don’t want to give too much away about this just yet as I’m still thinking of ideas, but I am super excited to write it.

Thanks for reading, tell me below what your Feb goals are!
see you soon! Vx

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