1 year together

So, today marks 1 year that my boyfriend and I have been together! It feels odd to be saying that we have only been together a year as so much has happened worldwide that makes it feels like much longer.
I wasn’t sure how to mark today. I knew I wanted to mark it here on the blog, and I’ve toyed with both ideas of answering couple questions and photos from the year we’ve had together.
I searched my Sd card and found so many photos of the adventures we’ve had together, however we are both a bit awkward when it comes to taking photos together. So we don’t have many photos of the two of us and the ones we do have we’re not completely happy with. We’ve just resulted to taking photos of the back of our heads of each other! Haha!
I’d really like us to have more photos together this year and not to worry too much about what we look like in them.

I’ve decided to show a few photos from our adventures together. I was going to put loads on here but it just looked messy and long when I tried it. I’m also going to throw in a few questions about us. I hope you enjoy this little post about the year we’ve spent together.

  1. Where did we meet?
    We actually met on a dating app. A few years ago I would have been embarrassed to say that, however I think it’s become a very popular and common way of meeting people. He caught my eye as he mentioned theme parks (and of course his dashingly good looks), I love theme parks! We spoke for about a month on the app before meeting and since then spent all our spare time with each other.

2. Where was your first date?
We met at a pub I used to work at. Good for me as I knew the other people working there and I could signal for help if I needed! Alas, I didn’t need help and we ended up hanging around the bar drinking and talking. I was going to meet some friends later in the evening after the date, but we lost track of time! I really didn’t want him to leave so I invited him along to hang out with me and my friends.

3. What song makes you think of them?
I just want to say how much I love the photo above, it makes me think of a prince on a balcony, hehe!
Taylor Swift’s song Invisible String makes me think of him. I won’t tell you why as I don’t want to make you all sick in your mouths from how soppy it is.

4. Favourite place to be together?
I love being in our flat together when he doesn’t have any work to do. Cook good food together and get all cozy on the sofa to watch one of our favourite programs. I also love being at the zoo or a theme park together. We have a few local places that we like to go together like St Nicholas’s park where we have had many picnics and played crazy golf together. As much as we love low key cozy flat time we are big on adventures!

5. What are your hopes for the new future?
My hopes for the new future is that we get the flat to our liking and make it our home together. Also, another hope for the near future is that we get to go on more adventures and holidays. We booked a little break at Centre Parcs last year but sadly we went back into lockdown and we had to cancel it. We’d love to be able to visit his family in Plymouth and travel the country staying in air b&bs to visit some historical landmarks.

I have to say its not been easy due to Covid. Starting a new relationship and not being able to do most normal things that you’d do at the start had been challenging. We’ve really made the most of this time though and it has really showed us how well we work together as a team.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post about us and if you’re reading Chris, Happy Anniversary! Vx

2 thoughts on “1 year together

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I’m very hopeful that we will forever stay in love with each other. I just wanted to say that you blog is beautiful and I can’t wait to get reading it!! xx

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