Feb Favourites

The Body Shop (Cruelty Free Brand) – Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion with SPF 50+ and PA++++
Cruelty Free and Vegan
I had no clue until about 6 months ago that the biggest cause of aging skin is the sun! Plus I am now in my mid 20’s, burn super easily due to my very fair skin and have had some horrible sunburn in the past, so skin damage and aging is very much on my mind. I can’t go back and change the damage I have allowed to happen to my skin but I can try to stop anymore from happening.
I actually bought this product in November and was eager to try it but when I did I was not a fan. It felt and smelt like sunscreen which I really don’t like…. really what did I aspect from a product that is SPF 50+ and PA++++? However, I have tried it more recently and found despite the smell and texture it absorbs nicely into my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. It also makes my skin feel soft and smooth, and works well as a base for makeup.
There are also other benefits to this product – It claims to protect against the appearance of pigmentation and premature aging, protects skin against indoor and outdoor pollution, and is made with vitamin C to help brighten and give a healthy glow to skin. I have to admit, it does make my skin look brighter after using it, that with the high protection from the sun and aging is a win win for me.

I didn’t actually know what SPF and PA was before buying the Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection lotions and I’m sure I am not the only one so really quickly I’m going to tell you. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and protects your skin from sunburn. The higher the SPF the higher you are protected from sunburn. PA stand for Protection Grade of UV-A and protects you from the UVA rays themselves, that do invisible damage to your skin. The more pluses next to the PA symbol the more protected you are.

The Body Shop (Cruelty Free Brand) – Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Cruelty Free and Vegan
This cute little pink pot holds the best moisturiser I have ever used! It is for all skin types and claims to keep your skin moisturised for 48 hours. If you are a regular to this blog you will know that I am a sucker for good packaging and I have to say this pot is so well made, it’s the kind of pot that you’d keep to reuse once the product is all gone.
Again, like with the lotion when I first used it I didn’t like it. I found that it was greasy and smelt like baby pampers! I don’t want to be reminded of nappies when I moisturise my face, thank you very much.
Having tried it more recently I found that when I first used it I had put too much on which explains why it felt greasy. It is actually a light and very smooth moisturiser that sinks into the skin leaving it soft and bright. I like to use it everyday after I have washed my face as it gives and nice glow and helps my skin to return to its natural hydrated state. I’m still not a fan of the smell but I can put up with it for the best moisturiser I have ever used! haha!

Vitamasques | VQ (Cruelty Free Brand)- Pineapple Gommage Peeling Gel
Cruelty Free and Vegan
I am completely in love with this product! I wasn’t sure about it as first but I put that down to the fact that I have never used a peel gel before.
I’m not a massive fan of the packaging if I am honest (which I must admit probably played apart of why I didn’t like this product to start with), it is a little too bold for my taste, however that doesn’t take away from how good the product is! It smells sweet and fresh just like an actual pineapple. As you massage it into your face you can feel the product build up which removes dead skin cells and dirt from your face. You then just rinse with clean water and you have a lovely clean, bouncy and bright face!
It also claims it is free from parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, triclosan, gluten and sodium lauryl sulfate. I must admit, I have not a clue what some of those are but I feel a sense of gladness that I’m not putting them on my face!

Avon (Cruelty Free Brand) – Microfiber Hair Wrap
This is probably the best £4 I have ever spent! I know what you’re thinking – its just a hair towel! But honestly I don’t know how I have lived without one. Gone are the days of walking around with cold wet hair and damp shoulders! I just love it! It also adds a nice pop of colour to the bathroom.

And that it is for my Feb favourites! What have you been loving of the month of Feb? Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you very soon! Ta-ra!


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