Lush Treats

Can you believe that I have never bought anything from Lush till about two weeks ago? I remember the first time I popped into a Lush shop in Cardiff. I was around 13 years old and I went in with some of my closest friends from school. I remember them getting so excited to go in and I was looking forward to seeing what the hype was about. I remember being hit with that classic Lush smell and seeing so many wonderful colourful things! However, I didn’t buy anything – I didn’t have much pocket money so I couldn’t buy anything. I’ve always wanted to buy from them, especially when Christmas hits and people raved about Snow Fairy. I’ve always seen Lush as a special treat and due to have a bit of a rough year so far I decided to get myself a few things. I was only going to get the one thing but I really couldn’t decided on what one thing to get.

A French Kiss – Bubble Bar
Moisturising for lavender lovers….
I used to hate the smell of lavender when I was younger but now I am older I find it so calming and beautiful. I really love the look of this bubble bar, it looks like a snowy purple mountain. The white part feels like a body butter and the purple part is more chalky with tiny flecks on glitter in it, and turns the bath water purple! I also really love the stick of lavender that is imbedded within it, though it is a little disappointing that the little buds have fallen off. It’s also a really descent size and I can not wait to have a cosy and calming night time bath with it.

Singing Daffodil – Bubble Bar
Floral scented bubble fun….
I absolutely love daffodils so I felt like I couldn’t not buy this! It also has a hole in it to blow bubbles through so the big kid in me just had to have it! With its fresh scent of flowers and lemon it makes me feel as though I am in a meadow on a sunny spring day. It feels like a very smooth body butter and is a descent size. I have actually already used it before writing this post as I just couldn’t wait to try it! It makes beautiful bubbles that last a good while and turns the bath water a light meadow green…. I would have thought it would have turned the water yellow due to its colouring. Due to it’s descent size it will defiantly lasts a few baths. The only down side is that it was a limited addition product for Easter and they have sold out of stock.

Butterball – Bath Bomb
For delicious-looking skin….
This bath bomb seems like a classic Lush staple as it is simple and has the Lush name risen on it. It is a little smaller than I thought it was going to be but it was under £3 so its actually amazing for the price. It has a sublet floral fragrance which is beautiful and refreshing. It also has amazing reviews on the Lush website about how it has helped soften and revive the reviewers skin. However, the reviews have said about how slippery it makes the bath after using it. I used half of it yesterday taking in the advice by someone’s review on the Lush website, as using half makes the bath less slippery. It fizzes away nicely and releases drops of oil into the bath. Just like the name it makes your skin feel buttery, which you think wouldn’t be very nice but its actually very soothing. Only using half of it didn’t feel like it was enough, however once I drained the bath it was vet slippery! I think as long as you give the bath a good rinse once it’s drained you won’t have a slip’n’slide of a shower.

Thanks for reading! What’s your favourite product from Lush?


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