The 26 List #3

Its roughly been another 3 months since I last wrote about my 26 list…. gosh, how time really does fly! These last few months have absolutely flown by!

For those of you who have been here since November you will know the drill, but for those of you who haven’t then I will break down what the 26 list is. Basically the 26 list is 26 things I want to do before my next birthday. I’m not a big fan of New Years and making revaluations, however I am a big fan of self-development and growth. I feel setting goals really helps me to focus on getting what I want out of life and helps me to see my progress. The number co-insides with how old I will be on my next birthday, so 26 list = 26 years in age. And once I’ve turned 26 I will do a new list and call it the 27 list (27! *gulp!*). I’ve made a note to review my 26 list every 3 months to track my progress.

I wrote my list with Covid very much in mind and how it has added a lot of restrictions to what we all want to do in our lives. Due to that I have added some goals that might seem very small and simple such as going to my favourite restaurant. To borrow what I had said in my original 26 list post – goals don’t need to be big things and don’t need to change your life, they can be any shape or size you like them to be. Some of my goals are in my comfort zone, some I know will take a lot of hard work. No matter the size I know that each one will give me the opportunity to grow and discover something new about myself.

  1. Write at least one blog post a month.
    ~ I was doing so well with this but I missed out doing a post in May! I feel kind of bad about it, however I have been so busy during May due to starting a new job….. I’m going to let myself off this time.

  2. Read 10 books.
    ~ I have read 8 books so far! Counselling for Toads, Mum Life, The Salt Path, Bridgeton, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Switch, The Gift Of Therapy and Little Women. So that is roughly working out to be a book a month – I’m pretty pleased about that!

  3. Finish and achieve my level 3 counselling skills course.
    ~ I’ll be finishing in July and I have confidence that I will pass!

  4. Apply to level 4 counselling skills course.
    ~ I have done this, been offered a place and accepted it! Starting in September, I can’t wait!

  5. Go on holiday, even if its a little weekend break to an air B&B.
    ~ We went to Alton Towers in April for my boyfriends birthday and stayed overnight in one of their little hobbit homes – so I’m counting that as a holiday!

  6. Get back into an activity/sport. Maybe swimming, walking or yoga.
    ~ I haven’t been able to get back into something by choice. I have been swimming a couple of times which have been great! My new job is about two miles from where I live, so I have been walking roughly four miles 5 out of 7 days!

  7. Save £500.

  8. Eat at my favourite restaurant.
    ~ Me and my partner went to my favourite restaurant last night! I love it as it has a very warm atmosphere and the food is fantastic!

  9. Write a letter to myself to open in five years on my 30th birthday.

  10. Visit a landmark in England that I have never been to before.

  11. Finish knitting the scared I started about two years ago.
    ~ Done! I finished it April 6th!

  12. Learn sign language – do a course.

  13. Start a new diary.
    ~ Done! However, I haven’t kept up with it.

  14. Start a mental health blog/ start talking about mental health on this blog.
    ~ Kind of – I have started a Facebook page called Being where I promote positive mental health.

  15. Get an Indian head massage.

  16. Get my hair cut professionally.
    ~ Just before Christmas I had two hair cuts!… very long story. I’m in need of another cut soon.

  17. Move in with my partner.
    Not officially just yet! I need to sort out my old bedroom at my dad’s house but me and my partner are living together.

  18. Grow my Body Shop team.
    ~ I’ve somewhat ditched this goal. I’m spending the time I would have spent on this on my course and at my new job.

  19. Understand the blogging community better.

  20. Go strawberry picking.

  21. Subscribe to Planet Mindful.
    ~ Done!

  22. Buy myself bunches of flowers.
    ~ I planned to do this every month however I don’t have the spare pennies to buy myself flowers every month now. So, I’m just going to make sure to treat myself to a bunch of flowers or anything else I fancy every now and then when I can.

  23. Visit the seaside.
    ~ We are currently planning a trip to Plymouth in August so very soon I will be by the sea!

  24. Keep a house plant alive that isn’t a cactus.
    ~ Done! and I have added to the collection with a basil plant and bonsai tree.

  25. Go Swimming.
    ~ Done! I’ve been twice

  26. Buy myself my favourite perfume.

And that is the progress on my 26 list! I feel since things have opened up a bit more I have been able to tick off a good amount of these things. I’m so excited to see what next I will tick off. I have about 5 months left to complete these goals so there is still a good chunk of time left!



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